What can a MYMOID Payment Gateway Do for Your Business?

MYMOID Payment Gateway: making digital payments easier for everyone


Accepting payments is the most crucial step of the buying journey

The arrival of your customer at the checkout line is one of the most important steps for completing a successful buying journey. As a merchant, it means that you have done things right \- attracting the right customer through integrated Marketing campaigns, proving yourself as a trustworthy business, and offering the right solutions at the right time of his search.

However, arriving at checkout doesn't mean that the buying journey is over. In fact, accepting payments is the most critical part of the process - it is where the sale actually happens. For this reason, issues such as slow or confusing re-direction to landing pages, lack of responsiveness for different devices, or failure of the checkout infrastructure should be carefully resolved before enabling digital payments. If the customer is frustrated with the payment experience, the deal could easily break down in the matter of seconds.

MYMOID Payment Gateway: making digital payments easier for everyone

At MYMOID, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and optimized payment experience. For this reason, we are on a mission to change the way companies accept payments, and show you why a Payment Gateway should be a crucial part of your overall business strategy.

If you are running an e-commerce or other digital business that needs to accept digital payments, you will need a flexible gateway that secures your transactions and connects your brand with your customers. Here is what you can do with a MYMOID Payment Gateway:

Process faster transactions

The innovative technology behind MYMOID's Payment Gateway has automated a lot of processes that a conventional financial institution would not be able to optimize due to its exclusively financial, non-technological nature. Our gateway eliminates the need for slow and rigid manual processing, and lets you accept payments rapidly and with greater convenience.

Build your own payment logic

Our robust REST-API allows for a fast and easy technical integration that reduces time frames without requiring a strong initial investment. Its capability for adaptation to the peculiarities of each business makes it perfect for building and personalizing your own payment logic without unnecessary hassle.

Accept recurring payments

Our system allows for the recovery, storage and tokenization of payment cards in compliance with the security regulations PCI-DSS, making it easy to accept recurring payments and improve the shopping experience of your customers. Having to fill out your credit card information each time can be really frustrating! We´ve been there.

Become independent from financial institutions

We operate independently from financial institutions and acquirers, giving you the freedom to take a complete control over your payment logic. Our capability of multi-acquisition makes it easy for you to expand internationally without being tied to any specific processor - although we do have cost-efficient strategic alliances available upon request.

Expand easily to new international markets

MYMOID Payment Gateway is capable of processing digital payments in 45 countries and in 128 currencies. As opposed to other gateways and processors, our independence from financial institutions and our PCI-DSS compliant services allow for a universal tokenization. You can bring your tokens to a new payment processor at any time!

Pre-authorize payments

Our service for payment pre-authorizations allows you to charge your customer with a planned delay by putting a certain amount of money from his credit card “on hold” - perfect for businesses that want to prevent chargebacks, reduce costs, and guarantee funds.

Secure your transactions in a PCI-DSS environment

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI-DSS, a set of strict regulations created with the purpose of ensuring the safe processing of payment information. It allows MYMOID to process, store and tokenize sensitive cardholder data so you can make recurring payments or enable subscriptions.

Customer Support

MYMOID is a small, but truly committed team of FinTech professionals with a solid experience in the industry. We provide a comprehensive customer support to our clients 24/7 to ensure their complete satisfaction with our solutions. For us, it is really important to understand our clients so we can adapt to their needs and demands.

The MYMOID Payment Gateway adapts to you:

Our Payment Gateway is flexible and provides industry-related solutions for a variety of sectors. Here are some of them:

Microfinance - With clients such as Vivus, Kreditech, Ferratum Bank or MoneyMan, we have developed a solid know-how on the peculiarities of the microfinance sector. We can help you maintain a high rate of approved transactions, a low rate of denied ones.

E-commerce - Because the processing of payment data is the most important step of the buying journey, providing a solid and flexible payment infrastructure is crucial for the connection between brands and customers. At MYMOID, we focus on providing a seamless payment experience for e-commerce businesses and their clients.

Hospitality - Many companies in the hospitality sector, especially hotels, still need to store their customer's data at reception even if the payment happens at another moment. For this reason, a PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway such as MYMOID is crucial for ensuring the safe storage of data both online and offline.

Call Centers \- Sharing payment data over the phone and call recording are subject to security regulations such as MiFID II and PCI Compliance. Our solutions will help your call center abandon outdated and risky practices, substituting them for a trustworthy payment processing of data.

Travel Industry - With the newest security measures imposed by IATA, the biggest Air Transport Association that represents 83% of the air traffic, companies in the travel industry will need a payment gateway that is fully compliant with the standard PCI-DSS.

We truly believe that one size doesn't fit all - for this reason, our services are adapted to the particular needs of each sector. If you are looking for a secure and flexible payment gateway designed to fit your brand style with industry-specific solutions, don´t hesitate to contact us!

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