Announcing our New Control Panel - what has changed?

New Control Panel: powerful functionalities to make your payment experience better and more efficient.


During the last few months, we worked really hard to give our Control Panel an exciting and fresh new look. But the interface isn't the only thing that has changed: in fact, we rebuilt it completely from scratch to include new, more powerful functionalities to make your payment experience better and more efficient.

So, what changes have been made since the last version?

New list of Payment Orders

Having a better overview of the activity and status of payment orders is crucial for every company that wants to improve its overall performance.

For this reason, we have redesigned our list of Payment Orders to include more details that will help our clients understand the behavior of their customers with greater efficiency. In addition to the order information and the corresponding payment method, now you can see all transactions associated with a single payment order at one place.

New list of Transactions

To help you have a greater control over the performance of your transactions, we have incorporated a complete list, enriched with the information of all transactions (approved or denied) that have been generated in your merchant account.

This data will allow you to have an overview of the conversion of your payment orders into transactions in the payment network.

In addition, we incorporated details of the payment methods of the consumer.

More powerful search

We understand that time is important for our clients. To help you find the right payment order in the matter of seconds, we made some exciting improvements in our Search engine: now, you can not only search by Shortcode, but also by Concept and Reference.

Take note: we will now use the ShortCode code as the unique identifier of the Payment Order. Simple and shorter code that replaces the old PaymentOrderID, which was way too long and complex to manage...

Concerning transactions, we also included the search by Merchant Order to help you easily locate a transaction according to the data of your Acquisition Service.

More precise Filters

Thanks to the feedback from our clients, we have applied more versatile and powerful filters:

We’ve improved our Date filters to make them more precise so you can easily discover both your transactions and payment orders at any moment.

We’ve added a new Amount filter that will let you search your transaction or a payment order by a specific amount interval.

Unrestricted CSV export

Let's be honest, restrictions are not fun. For this reason, we improved our Export functionalities to let you download your data from any period of time, eliminating the 30-day retrospective limitation.

Switching an environment from the same Control Panel

Logging separately into Sandbox and Production? We've saved you the hussle. Now, Sandbox and Production environments are under the same roof so you can easily switch at any time without getting out of your Control Panel.

Excited to check our new Control Panel? Click here!

And remenber: the existing Control Panel will remain active until 01.07.2018.

If you are not our customer, but you are interested in getting to know our Payment Gateway and see if it meets your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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